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Cloud7 FZE established in 2020 in Sharjah free zone specializes in distribution and re-export of premium tobacco products and accessories in MENA region.
We are committed to servicing boutique distributors across MENA region with quality products that will enhance their existing portfolio with unique tobacco products and accessories at competitive prices with high yield margins.

Disposable Hookah

Cloud7 hookah is world’s first disposable hookah designed and build to cater to HORECA (hotels, restaurants, Café’s). In the post Covid19 environment Cloud7 disposable hookah eliminates public health and safety concerns regarding multiple use of traditional hookah’s in hospitality industry. While at the same time because of its competitive price delivers high margins per serving to our clients.

Sweesha Logo

There years after having launched the Etienne LeRoy ultra-premium sheesha brand, eukapis sarl and aimed at offering a stylish and convenient proposition to modern and design-conscious users.

The sweesha range has been designed with the end users and the horeca operators in mind. These sheesha’s are easy to use, to clean and to carry, yet stable enough to be conveniently used in all situations.


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Swiss Doobacco company was established in Switzerland and Germany in 2008. Today our company is one of the world’s premium producers of molasses tobacco. Our innovation, dedication to producing highest quality products, and unique packaging has given Doobacco a rapidly growing clientele base around the world.




Shibacco Logo

Swiss Doobacco company was established in Switzerland and Germany in 2008.
Shibacco is one the few all-natural molasses tobaccos currently manufactured in the world.
Production starts with highest quality non-genetically modified Virginia tobacco from around the world. We do not add any artificial coloring or flavors to the tobacco so that its natural amber color is preserved.
Tobacco is blended by master tobacconist to create our signature blends with Natural flavors and no chemicals or preservatives.

Ghurkha Logo


Steeped in legend and history, the Gurkha Cigar created more than a century ago, was reborn in 1992. The company has continuously roll out meticulously handcrafted cigars, epitomizing all that is luxury. Today, Gurkha makes cigars for all price points and all palettes but when it began Gurkha cigars were unlike other cigars in the market and that they came in highly ornate packaging and with a steep price tag.

Horacio Logo

Horacio Distribution, a swiss company, distributes Horacio cigars worldwide. The company and warehouse sub-customs are based in Geneva. The manufacture of Horacio cigars is in Esteli, the capitale of the cigar in Nicaragua. Horacio Cigars are made of the best tobaccos. Its draft is remarkable throughout the tasting.

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